Oil Filter Cross Reference

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For motorists and vehicle enthusiasts, getting replacement parts can pose a problem, especially if you live in a town where such parts are scarce. Sometimes, you’ll have to use another part that looks like it’s the correct equivalent to the old one. For a newbie or casual motorist, this is more of a problem since using a part that is not of the same make can potentially put your engine at risk. That is why in such cases, a cross reference guide is almost always invaluable, especially for those who are not that knowledgeable about them.

Replacements Made Easy

An oil filter cross reference is a guide you can use to refer and compare oil filters. It usually lists all the major oil filter brands, their specifications, and their equivalents to other brands. The more comprehensive ones list the vehicle model and what oil filters they use in stock, your other oil filter options for them, and the recommended ones. If you’re not sure about what oil filter to best use, then an oil filter cross reference chart is what you will need to help you in your problem. There are several ways you can go about getting one.

  1. The Internet. The Internet is still the best place to go to when you’re looking for something, and oil filter cross reference guides are no exceptions. In fact, if you want really comprehensive guides, then the Internet is the best place to go to. Most enthusiasts compile their own lists and some work together to create comprehensive ones that are not biased with most companies. Some may also have additional helpful comments that may help you in your problems. Best of all, you will have lost of links and guides to choose from, and the more information you can gather, the better you’ll be in coming to an informed decision.

  2. The manufacturer’s website. If you’re not too savvy with searching for guides over the Internet, going to your stock oil filter’s website is usually a good step. Sometimes, manufacturers have their own product cross reference guide you can browse and they list some of their other products that are compatible or in the same specifications as the stock one. The only downside to this is that it will never be an comprehensive as third-party tutorials from normal people since the company will just limit the selections to their products and not the competitor’s.

  3. The stores. Most automobile stores and auto supply shops have their own list of part cross reference guides you can refer to and this includes oil filters.

Before you buy a replacement oil filter, it is always advisable to check a cross reference guide. It will save you trouble and money, and maybe, give you some knowledge on the side.

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